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Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement UK & Ireland Edition


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The Woodcock Johnson IV UK Tests of Achievement UK and Irl edition is a world leader in assessment and highly suitable for monitoring academic progress, diagnosing difficulties, and planning intervention for reading, writing and maths. The WJ IV is made up of 11 discrete tests that can accurately assess areas of reading, writing and maths in persons aged between 4 up to adult (aged 90+). The test is perfect for applying for access arrangements in the UK (25% extra time, reader and scribe);  reasonable accommodations (RACE), Irish exemptions and DARE in the Republic of Ireland. The test is approved by the Department of Education and skills (DES) and the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC) Skills.

The UK and Ireland edition is a special edition of the WJ IV which has been designed and adapted from the WJ IV Tests of Achievement,  Form C. While the norms have not changed, all of the content has been anglicised for use in the UK and Ireland and the testing battery has been shortened from 20 tests (standard and extended battery tests available in the full Wj IV) to the 11 core tests (standard battery only) thus making it more economical, affordable, and accessible to those schools and examiners seeking out a reliable and robust assessment tool.

Examiners can choose to administer all 11 discrete subtests or can select individual subtests for isolated use. The WJ IV will allow examiners to gain an in-depth understanding of a person’s academic strengths and weaknesses enabling targeted interventions to be put in place. Scores from the WJ IV can also be used to apply for access arrangements in the UK. With 11 subtests (see table below), spanning a huge age range (4- 90+ years) and assessing areas of early literacy and early number skills as well literacy and maths, the WJ IV is the perfect choice for students in every educational setting. 


Subtests of the WJ IV


  1. suitable for a range of educational settings (early years – adult education)
  2. profiles students literacy AND maths attainments
  3. fast administration times (5-10 mins per test)
  4. Strong diagnostic powers
  5. standard scores, percentiles and confidence intervals available
  6. great administration flexibility (choose to administer one, some or all subtests)
  7. allows a comprehensive understanding of each students pattern strengths and weaknesses
  8. ability to design targeted interventions and instructional objectives
  9. use for applications of access arrangements (7 different suitable subtests)
  10. use to inform decisions around educational placements, programmes, and resources
  11. computer scoring & reporting saves time and allows student data export and collation of score


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