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Post Primary CPD Courses.

Course Course date Location Individual Price Webinar capacity Zoom Registration
20TRA549 RACE - Reasonable Accommodations in Certificate Exams in Ireland 13-10-2020 Online €60.00 500
21TRA293 Junior Cycle English - Looking Ahead - Helping More Students to Achieve Distinction and Higher Merit in 2022, While Ensuring Enjoyment in the English Classroom. 14-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA268 Digital tools to support EAL students and students with dyslexia 14-04-2021 8:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA301 Leaving Certificate Accounting Question 5 for NQTs 15-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 100
21TRA293 The Best Educational/ICT Tools to transform your French Class 15-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA305 Seamus Heaney Leaving Cert Poetry Questions 19-04-2021 5:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA225 Assessment Ideas for the Science Classroom in Post Primary Schools 19-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA275 Planning for Junior Cycle Music 19-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA265 Technology to Help with Reading and Writing: A Workshop for Second-Level Students, Parents and Teachers 19-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 70
21TRA273 Designing School Based Assessment for Junior Cycle History 2021 20-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA278 Supporting Struggling Learners with Assistive Technology - Where to Start! 20-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 1000
21TRA302 Sharing Strategies & Resources for the Business Classroom 20-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 100
21TRA312 WEBINAR April- Magic Moments: Strategies for managing meltdowns in young people with Autism 20-04-2021 7:00 pm Online €15.00
21TRA296 Incorporating the Unifying Strand and Preparing for the Classroom-Based Assessments in Junior Cycle Mathematics 21-04-2021 5:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA260 Sketch Note Workshop 21-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA310 Leaving Cert English - Approaching the Comparative Study 21-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA313 WEBINAR April- Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, inclusion and development 21-04-2021 7:00 pm Online €15.00
21TRA314 WEBINAR April- Gifted, Talented, Able: Learning and teaching strategies for identifying and working with above average achievers, and gifted / talented / able 22-04-2021 7:00 pm Online €15.00
21TRA304 Idées et ressources pour la production orale en cours de français aux cycles Junior et Senior 27-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA023 Using Clips in the Classroom 28-04-2021 6:30 pm Online Free 500

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