21TRA435 Gifted Education in Online and In-Class Settings: Practical Approaches and Strategies

21TRA435 Gifted Education in Online and In-Class Settings: Practical Approaches and Strategies




This two-part session will encompass a brief overview of the extant research in the area of gifted education, combined with practical examples of applications in the mainstream classroom. Giftedness as an area of SEN will be addressed, as will the academic and social/emotional issues which often confront this demographic. There will also be an emphasis on teaching methodologies for twice exceptional students, i.e. students who are gifted and also have learning challenges such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism, etc., methods of identification, and ways to negotiate common challenges which can arise in a mainstream class setting.

As a relatively under-researched area of education, gifted education can suffer from lack of readily available resources, and so a central aim of this course is to furnish participants with practical ideas and free supports for gifted students in their classrooms. In addition, these sessions will examine strategies for in-class and remote teaching, virtual resources which can be easily differentiated for gifted students, and a bank of resources for long term engagement. 

Whole school and small group approaches will also be addressed, with an examination of a broad range of curricular areas. Combining theory and practice, these sessions aim to dispel many of the myths surrounding gifted education and provide a toolkit of resources for teachers of gifted students.


Presenter Biography: Dr. Muireann O' Sullivan

Muireann O Sullivan

Dr. Muireann O’Sullivan completed her PhD in Inclusive Design and Creative Technology Innovation, with a focus on virtual technologies and kinaesthetic learning tools for twice exceptional students. She is also a primary school teacher, with 10 years of experience working with DEIS schools and in gifted education settings. Muireann is the recipient of the CAPSL Postgraduate Teaching Award from Trinity College, Dublin, for her work on assistive technology, and has developed courses for teacher training and university-style courses in both the Sciences and Humanities.


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Course date 14-09-2021 7:30 pm
Course End Date 21-09-2021 8:30 pm
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Speaker Dr. Muireann O' Sullivan
Number Hours 2 x 1 hour sessions
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