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20TRA711 LEGO®-Based Therapy -Setting Up and Running Construction Clubs for Autistic Children

20TRA711 LEGO®-Based Therapy -Setting Up and Running Construction Clubs for Autistic Children





A complete user manual and guide to setting up and running brick construction clubs for autistic students in your school


What you'll learn

  • The science and evidence behind how Lego based therapy benefits pupils with autism
  • A step by step guide on how to get started with setting up your construction club
  • How to organise students in your club using Builder, Suppliers and Engineer roles
  • The best ways to decorate, organise and present your construction club
  • How to efficiently and effectively run your club from day to day including setting up agendas and projects for students
  • How to monitor and support your students so they get the most of the club
  • The importance of assessment and how to assess students in your construction
  • The best ways to liaise and feedback to parents on progress
  • How to organise your club into levels and how to manage and progress students through to graduation

Course Description:

Construction clubs that use Lego® based therapy are not Lego® building clubs, they are clubs that are run under strict rules with trained facilitators which are designed to improve the social and communication skills of children with autism and other related conditions. This self paced course has been designed and written by experienced child psychologists. It's intended to be a complete user manual and toolkit for any school teacher or professional looking to setup and run effective Lego® Based therapy construction clubs in their school or practice. The course starts with the very foundations of what autism and what Lego® based therapy is and guides users through how to begin setting up their new constructions clubs - what they need, what they don't need, how to assess suitability to your club, how many people you will need, how to monitor progress, how to monitor students, how to set up timetables and agendas and so on. The course is packed full of useful resources and downloadables that can be taken and used in your own construction clubs. Construction clubs evolve over time so you have 12 months access to this course enabling you to dip in and out for more information as you need it. The course is updated with new resources and information as needed.

Course Curriculum:

  • Course Introduction
  • Printable Resources & Downloads
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Autism, LEGO®-Based Therapy and Construction Clubs


Course Instructor: Education Elephant Team

This course has been designed and produced in collaboration with our psychology and education team here at Education Elephant Ltd.

Course Properties

Course date 22-09-2022
Course End Date 22-09-2023
Capacity 500
Cut off date 22-09-2023
Individual Price €299.04
Speaker Education Elephant Team
Location Online

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