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Course Course date Location Individual Price Registered Available place Register
21TRA227 Outdoor Learning-Using the School Environment 23-03-2021 4:30 pm Online Free 500
21TRA228 Relating with students - teaching who I am” 23-03-2021 4:30 pm Online Free 500
21TRA209 Fine Motor Skills & Designing Fun Fine Motor Stations in the Classroom 23-03-2021 7:00 pm Online Ten Euros 500
21TRA242 Developing a Critical Incident Response Plan: Workshop for Primary, Post Primary and Special Schools 24-03-2021 4:00 pm Online Free 2 23
21TRA196 Finding the Gap: Starting points for Children with Maths Difficulties 24-03-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA245 The Interview Selection Process for appointing Teachers and SNAs - A Training Webinar for Chairpersons of BOMs and for Principals of Primary Schools 24-03-2021 7:30 pm Online Free 500
21TRA237 A problem-solving approach to teaching the strand of Number 25-03-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA111 ADHD Effective Strategies & Interventions for Supporting Learners with ADHD in School 30-03-2021 7:00 pm Online €12.09 100
21TRA182 The Reading Brain and the Science of Reading 13-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA093 Cultivating a Positive Attitude Towards Maths: A Focus on the Senior Classes & Learning from our Mistakes: Promoting a Growth Mindset through Error Analysis 14-04-2021 6:30 pm Online Free 500
21TRA073 The Classroom with the Green Floor & Blue Ceiling - Bringing Teaching and Learning Outdoors 14-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA213 Refresher Training in the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme 15-04-2021 3:30 pm Online Free 8 17
21TRA236 Using Music to support Language Development from 3rd to 6th 20-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA232 Practical Everyday Sensory Breaks - 2 Sessions 22-04-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA106 Your Post-Pandemic School Digital Learning Plan - What, So What and Now What! 28-04-2021 3:30 pm Online Free 500
21TRA023 Using Clips in the Classroom 28-04-2021 6:30 pm Online Free 500
21TRA241 Exploring ASD and Anxiety 29-04-2021 3:30 pm Online Free 500
21TRA184 Transition to Post-primary for Pupils with Special Educational Needs. 29-04-2021 5:30 pm Online Free 500
21TRA119 Physical Education: Unraveling the Potential for Cross Curricular Integration 12-05-2021 4:00 pm Online Free 500
21TRA244 Universal Design for Learning (Series of 3 Webinars) 21-09-2021 7:00 pm Online Free 500

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